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G-S Hypo Fabric Cement

G-S Hypo Fabric Cement

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PRECISION POINT APPLICATOR FOR INTRICATE TEXTILE AND FABRIC PROJECTS Perfect for all kinds of decorative applications: Fabric, Textiles, Leather, Plastics, Arts & Crafts, Appliqués, Costuming, Foam Yarn,Home Décor, Scout Patches, Beads & Silk Bead Cord, Rhinestones, and more Tips & Tricks:Flatten tube as you use it up; do not roll it.Insert cap wire when not in use.Clean needle-point area with rubbing alcohol before closing cap. Long lasting and easy to use:Bonds Porous and Non-Porous SurfacesDries Clear and Stays ClearBuilt-in ApplicatorWill Not Damage SurfacesMachine-WashableNo Waste- A Precision ProductFast-Drying


(Images may contain props, including jewelry or other items, for demonstartion purposes)
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