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Black Puff Pad Earring Cards 100pcs

Black Puff Pad Earring Cards 100pcs


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These puff pad earring cards are the perfect choice for any jewelry retailer, independent seller or anyone in between! Designed with a small footprint, they are made to fit in jewelry tray liners, allowing you to display multiple pieces in a small space. We offer these puff cards in 3 sizes to ensure you can display a wide variety of earrings in a variety of spaces. These cards are available in 1” x 1”, 1.5” x 1.75” and 1.5” x 2”.

We also offer our puff cards in plain black, or with “14KT. Gold”, “10KT. Gold” and “Sterling Silver” imprints to allow for easy organization and take away the need for tedious labelling. Each card is stuffed with a soft foam lining and has a small tab at the top to add volume and allow for easy placement and removal. The white card ensures that whatever earring you’re selling, the card will act as the perfect backdrop. Each piece comes with 2 small holes to display post, French clip, dangle, or clip earrings. All of our earring cards are sold in convenient packs of 100 pieces.


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